Jose Luis Ágreda
Freelance Illustrator

– What’s your Nickname?


– Where are you from?


– Your years?


– What have you studied?

High School

– How and when did you become an illustrator?

While studying Architecture at the University I started drawing for professional magazines, doing illustration and comics. So I quit study and became full time illustrator.

– What have you worked before an artist?

I started soon as an artist, while I was still studying, so I never worked on anything else.

-Where do you work and what are you working on at the moment?

I have finished working as art director on an animated feature film (Buñuel in the labyrinth of turtles), and I prepare right now new animation projects and illustration books at the same time.

– Favorite and good artists for you?

Too many! Spanish artists like Javier Olivares, Max, and Arnal Ballester are in my DNA, same as Will Eisner, Carter Goodrich and Yves Chaland.

– Favorite drink?


– Favorite place?

A bookstore with a good illustration and art section.

– Favorite movie?


– Advice to young artists:

There are a lot of steps to get to your goals, and then there are new goals. So enjoy every step, not just the goals.

– Your strong side?:

Shape and composition

– Behind strong side 😉

– Sports?

Less than I should, more than I would like.

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