Mihailo Tatic
Freelance Illustrator

– What’s your Nickname?


– Where are you from?

Belgrade, Serbia

– Your years?


– What have you studied?


– How and when did you become an illustrator?

Drawing’s in my genes, most of my cousins have talent. So I used to doodle ever since I can remember. As the time past it became more and more serious and for the past couple of years I’ve become a full-time professional.

– What have you worked before an artist?

Anything I could think of. I was a laundry-man, cleaning-man, driver…I was a curator at the art gallery for some time, I worked at construction sites. I was also a lifeguard. I just cruised around looking for any opportunity that came my way.

-Where do you work and what are you working on at the moment?

I work for Swiss bankers. Seriously. I do illustrations for them.

– Favorite and good artists for you?

Everyone who can art basically. I love art and I love artists. Skottie Young, Brett Parson, and Denis Zilber maybe a bit more than others.

– Favorite drink?

Cold beer after hard work.

– Favorite place?

Beach somewhere where it’s warm and nice and sunsets are amazing. California or Hawaii.

– Favorite movie?

I don’t know…I watch movies only when with friends so it doesn’t really matter which it is.

– Advice to young artists:

Don’t give up. And enjoy it, as much as you can. That’s the point. You have a gift, share it with the rest of us. I can’t wait to see what you can give to us.

– Your strong side?:

Speed and imagination, I just never run out of it.

– Sports?

I used to be a professional swimmer. Now I hit the gym and I run marathons and Ultra-marathons.

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