Olivier SILVEN
Freelance Illustrator

– What’s your Nickname?


– Where are you from?

Nantes, in France

– Your years?


– What have you studied?

School of visual communication

– How and when did you become an illustrator?

I wanted to work in an agency as a graphic designer but I received very few returns, meanwhile I started freelance then I stayed for pleasure.

– What have you worked before an artist?

Graphic designer

-Where do you work and what are you working on at the moment?

I work in my apartment, I have been working on book covers for a few weeks.

– Favorite and good artists for you?

Juanjo Guarnido, Cory Loftis, Jamie Hewlett, Stephen Silver, Bobby Pontillas

– Favorite drink?

Multifruit juice

– Favorite place?

My room

– Favorite movie?

Jurassic park

– Advice to young artists:

Practice as often as possible.

– Your strong side?:

Uuuh I don’t think I have one 🙂

– Sports?

I hate sports 🙂

– Links to your Portfolios:

Behance  |  Instagram  |  Tumblr  |  Dribbble  |  Facebook