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Inline rectangle

Size – 300x250px

30$ per 30 days for one position



Wide Skyscraper

Size – 160x600px

60$ per 30 days 




Size – 728x90px

80$ per 30 days



Footer Box

Size – 309x97px

20$ per 30 days for one position


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Promo Packs in

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[item title=’Pack 1 per 30 days’ price=’$119′ sup=’99’ more=’#’]

[yes text=’Wide Skyscraper + Leaderboard‘]


[item title=’Pack 2 per 30 days’ price=’$69′ sup=’99’ more=’#’ type=’recomended’]

[yes text=’Rectangle + Skyscraper + Leaderboard‘]


[item title=’Pack 3 per 30 days’ price=’$159′ sup=’99’ more=’#’]

[yes text=’All Banner Sizes‘]



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