Alina Filatova
2d Artist

– What’s your Nickname?


– Where are you from?

Novosibirsk, south-west of Siberia, Russia

– Your years?


– What have you studied?

I studied the technology of the garment industry in the Moscow state university of design and technology.

– How and when did you become an illustrator?

I’ve been drawing since childhood and first heard about computer graphics in 2010. Then I made the first portfolio and got an internship in a game studio called Friday’s Games, where I painted graphics for the hidden object games.

– What have you worked before an artist?

I sewed wedding dresses.

-Where do you work and what are you working on at the moment?

I’m painting backgrounds for an animated film.

– Favorite and good artists for you?

Eyvind Earle, Ralph Hulett, Alan Lee, Nathan Fowkes, Arkhip Kuindzhi, Ivan Aivazovsky, and many others.

– Favorite drink?


– Favorite place?

Altai mountains

– Favorite movie?

Almost all the films of the Pixar Animation Studios.

– Advice to young artists:

It’s important to be able to love the process of working and learning as much as the result.

– Your strong side?:


– Sports?


– Links to your Portfolios: