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The purpose of this event “Create Your Character”

Participation in this event is completely free of charge and there is no prize or any rewards for the participants planned. This event aims mainly to entertain, bring positive emotions and joy to people.  Our goal is to create a few characters, using your ideas and imagination. Using our drawing skills, we can bring your characters to live. Then they can become a new popular comic hero or remain as a source of inspiration.

Term and conditions for participation

* Please note that any description of uncensored characters or such including violence, racism and/or sexism themes will be ignored, as this is not tolerated by us.

How will your character be created?

We will help your character to come to life within two weeks. The only thing you need to do is to submit your character description to us, using the form below. In case that the submitted description is approved by us, we will provide you with our feedback, confirming that your character will be drawn.

When and you could see your character?

To stay in touch follow us on Facebook, where the selected for drawing characters will be announced.

Previous events

We have received so many characters’ descriptions and their stories that it is a pity that we did not have enough time to draw them all.

Thank you for your participation and trust in us and our drawing skills. We would be very happy if the outcomes make you smile.

To open the page, consisting all comic characters created, please follow the link.

Let’s make a different character and make the world fun!

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Support the Event:
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