Giorgia Lanza
Concept Artist, Illustrator, Colorist

– What’s your Nickname?

I have none. Sad me.

– Where are you from?

Turin, ITALY

– Your years?

More than 20 but less than 30!

– What have you studied?

I spent my school career studying scientific subjects, but in the end, I gave up to my passion and studied “comic art” and “concept art” in different private schools.

– How and when did you become an illustrator?

I started working as a professional 5 years ago. A neverending passion turned into my job. I started as a comic colorist to then become a digital illustrator and character designer.

– What have you worked before an artist?

My experience before being an artist? Almost none. Short jobs, nothing really important. I had set my mind, I wanted to be creative.

-Where do you work and what are you working on at the moment?

I mainly work from home, as a freelance comic colorist, character designer, and illustrator. I’m also a digital art teacher at the “Event Horizon School” of Turin and Milan (Italy). I’m working at many different projects at the moment, which natures vary from client to client.

– Favorite and good artists for you?

Pascal Campion, Barbara Canepa, Loish, Matt Rhodes, Sergi Brosa, Lorenzo Lanfranconi, Vanessa Lalonde, Loish, Nesskain and BOY so many more!

– Favorite drink?

Hot tea

– Favorite place?

When asked this question, I rather think of a situation: me relaxing on my couch, my two cats napping on my legs, a steaming hot cup of tea in my hands and some Netflix series showing on the tv. Perfection.

– Favorite movie?

Too difficult to choose only one. I’m in love with z-movies and sci-fi in general…

– Advice to young artists:

Learn fundamentals, but be sure to find a pleasant way to face them: learning anatomy and perspective surely can be boring, but associating the exercise with a character of yours or a subject that inspires you will make everything better. Never consider yourself “arrived”. A good artist is never satisfied with themselves and always tries to improve. Be humble, listen to advice and critiques. Don’t be greedy. There’s no shortcut in learning how to create effective art. Take your time, don’t compare your results to others’ ones. Give your 100%

– Your strong side?:

My perseverance. I’m very patient and resist where many others give up.

– Behind strong side 😉

– Sports?

I go to the gym.

– Links to useful tutorials:

I have a youtube channel where I sometimes upload tutorials.

Youtube channel:

– Links to your Portfolios:

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