Cartoon Characters

Create a character for your game, web site, or mobile app. Make your product exciting, personalized, and entertaining for your users!

Suitable for: Web or App Mascot, Game Hero


Rain of Characters

Wild Selection


If you have a sense of humor, make an avatar for your social networks. I guarantee that your look will be unique and entertaining.
Also, the avatar may be a special gift for a close friend of yours, and why not for your pet.

Suitable for: Your Social Profiles, Gift

Ego Challenge

Alexandre Calvez

Animal Avatars


Share your idea with me and we will create customized stickers that are the right fit for your purpose.
Use them in your mobile app, website, or as a part of your branding strategy.

Suitable for: Print Stickers, Web or App Mascot




You want to sketch your idea quickly?! This is your service! I will realize your character in a customized way.
Then you will be able to develop it as a final product or service.

Suitable for: Your Social Profiles, Gift

Sketch Booklook

Just Smell It!

The Dreams of Vikings


Create a caricature for your friend or for yourself. Express yourself in an inspiring way through the visual art.
If you are a business, this is a unique way to promote yourself in an entertaining manner.

Suitable for: Gift or Presentation of Your Team

Witness Team



Create an individual Icon Package for your website, tailored to your business and corporate identity.

Suitable for: Personal Website Icons, App Icon, Company Logo

Iconography Project

Wireframe Icons

Game Icons

You can see more of my projects at Behance