Tom Bernardes
Lead Artists at Quickspin

– What’s your Nickname?


– Where are you from?


– Your years?


– What have you studied?


– How and when did you become an illustrator?

I´ve been always drawing since I was a kid. So I think I always been an illustrator. But professionally I´ve started in 2008 as a freelance. My first “professional illustration” was a funny hamster.

– What have you worked before an artist?

I´ve worked in a drugstore.

-Where do you work and what are you working on at the moment?

I´m a Lead Artists at Quickspin.

– Favorite and good artists for you?

Corey Loftis, Aaron Blaise, Glen Vilppu, Ryan Lang, to infinite and beyond…

– Favorite drink?


– Favorite place?

Rio de Janeiro

– Favorite movie?

Toy Story

– Advice to young artists:

You will succeed in the same level of your dedication.

– Your strong side?:


– Behind strong side 😉

– Sports?


– Links to useful tutorials:

– Links to your Portfolios:

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