Hi, Friends!

I was invited to create avatars to one of the most creative design team – unfold. Thank you, guys, for the opportunity to make this idea come true! The artist sets a unique character and signature style to the avatar. If you generate an avatar by software, you won’t be able to get this result.

Character Shapes

Identifying and understanding the basic shapes is my guide when approaching each new avatar. The forms reveal a lot from the person’s character and temper. Did you know edgy and sharp forms discover a rigorous and precise personality while the rounded shapes suggest a kind and easygoing nature?

Character Accents

The accents are our hidden (or not that hidden) identificational numbers. They are our spell, making us recognizable from one another. I tried not to overdo with the accents since the avatars are not cartoons. The avatar usually has a different purpose – to present yourself in social media, to use them on your CV, email signature, or to make a present to a friend.

Spovv Touch

How do the persons’ visual characteristics speak to me? I don’t know in person the unfold team, but by observing their marks, I create an image for them. Into the individual perception of the artist lies the making! The artist is a philosopher as well since he observes studies, and with each work, he presents his truth in front rest of the world.

Raw Sketches

I prefer to draw analog because this way, my imagination lands much faster on the paper, instead of on the tablet screen. It is the first step I take before going to digital drawing. That’s my passion! I express with pen and pencil in my hand since I was a kid!

The Result

These are the final avatars! I hope they will bring a lot of smiles and positive emotions to unfold!

Want an avatar for you or your friend? Here is is the most exciting part for you – to discover how the artist sees you!

Create Your


Shine in with a custom avatar created just for you!

Enjoy an easy 3-step process

If you have a sense of humor, why not make an avatar for your social networks? I guarantee that your look will be unique and fun. The avatar could be a special gift for a close friend of yours, even for your pet or team!

Step 1

Send your best photo

Step 3

See your avatar in color

Step 2

Approve the initial sketch

Voglia 🎉

Receive the final artwork on 3000 x 3000px + PSD source file !

Let’s go!

The avatar in action

Wondering where to use your avatar? Designers, companies, entrepreneurs, artists, chefs, athletes, and lovers have already created their avatar. Check out below for more inspiration!

Project management tools, like Slack, Jira, Skype, etc.

Social networks and marketing campaigns, like YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

Team avatars for the about page

Professional network  profiles and easy to develop to character design

Perfectly fit your CV, email signature, business card, print materials and many more

Selected Team Clients

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