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His name is actually Calvin but everyone has always called him Cal. Cal ate his first Calzone at the age of 4 in his parents pizzeria, and it was love at first bite. He grew up in his parents pizzeria and even though he's tasted just about every pizza imaginable, his only true passion in life is the Calzone. When all the other kids played sports or went to hang out in malls, he spent his time in front of the oven, trying to perfect this culinary masterpiece. To the rest of the world, the Calzone is really easy to make. You just throw some tomato-souse, ham and cheese on a piece of pizza-dough, fold it in half and stick it in the oven. To Cal it's an art form. He has spent years trying to perfect his tomato-sauce. He has bought ham and cheese from all corners of the world (his favorite ham comes from a pig farmer high in the Tatra Mountains in Slovakia, that only feeds his pigs handpicked pine shoots from the Mountain Pine (Pinus Mugo in latin), and the cheese of all cheeses are made by 6 elderly monks in monastery outside Montegelli, Italy). He knows that the Calzone isn't considered to be a pizza in Italy and that Calzone means sock in Italian. He also knows that the first pizzeria was named Port Alba and was opened in Naples, Italy in 1830 and the first time someone wrote the word pizza, was in a Latin text from Gaeta, Italy in the year 997, but he has, long ago, given up trying to educate the world about these things. If the entire world population wants to be ignorant fools, that’s OK, but at least they can learn to appreciate the best Calzone known to man. His masterpiece and legacy: Cal's Calzone.


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